Notes for re-watch of Vertigo
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Garret Adams

Unfortunately I was unable to make the re watch because of some person things. But this weekend I actually re watched Vertigo on my own time with my girlfriend because she loves older movies and I thought she would enjoy this one. While watching the movie over I really tried to focus on the film and try to pick out things that I had missed before. For example this time payed much more attention to the frames of each shot and compared them to a lot of newer movies.

Kevin Smith

The re-watch of this film unfortunately just reaffirmed that I don't like it. It's just a very boring movie that I don't have any interest in watching again. All the re-watchability is gone for me after the second watch. After seeing all the clues and foreshadowing in the first and second act, I just don't have any reason to attempt to watch this film again.

Josh Riddell

The re-watch was vital for me on picking up cues and signs that I missed from the initial watch. I focused a lot more on props that represent where we are in the narrative and how some of the props keep re-appearing throughout the movie. I caught on to how these certain props tie into what we see as a viewer throughout the movie.

Jessica Brown

I noticed that mirrors seem to be a subtle motif in the film. After Scottie first sees Madeleine in Ernie's, she walks past a mirror on her way out. At the flower shop, we see Madeleine in a mirror which is hanging from the door that Scottie is peaking from. Then, when she describes her dream, she talks about a hallway of broken mirrors.
Perhaps this implies that Scottie is seeing a reflection of Madeleine: a representation of her that's not really her, which is actually true.

Ryan Giles

For the Re-watch for this film to me, gave me a chance to notice the small details while watching the film again. Once I seen it for the second time, I notice where the storyline was going and how the characters started to have huge devolpment throughout the movie. Like I notice that the relationship between Scottie and Madeline/Judy was really aggressive towards the end of the film. In the middle of the film they fell in love and then when he found Judy he tried to change her to different person. He should’ve been happy with Judy and move on but that wasn’t the case.

Andy McDonald

To be honest, I liked Vertigo slightly more the second time around. Some of it's faults were slightly less annoying now that I was prepared for them, and since my expectations were already lowered, I feel as though I was less disappointed. I still disliked it as a movie, but I did not feel the hatred I felt the first time. I also noticed some things that I had not noticed previously, like the green on her dress, and the details in the woods.

Becky Bond

When I re-watched the movie I felt like I had to pay less attention to the overall plot since I already knew what was going to happen, and I could pay attention to the smaller details of the film.

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